Terracotta decorations

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  1. Inspiration: v16204 Charming candlesticks with mini figures
    Sitting inside by candlelight is ever so cosy when it's dark and cold outside! With this idea, children can decorate a lovely candlestick and make small figures using their imagination. Find inspiration here or use your imagination to make your very own figures ...
  2. Inspiration: v14230 Terracotta Baubles, painted and decorated with Glitter

    These terracotta baubles are painted with Plus Color craft paint. Glue lacquer is applied to two baubles and transparent glitter flakes are sprinkled on. The third bauble is painted with 3D Liner gold.

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  3. Inspiration: v13964 Decorated Pots for Herbs
  4. Inspiration: v12637 Little Flower Pot Men
  5. Inspiration: v12445 Flowerpots with Pinecones

    The pine cones have been decorated with modelling paste, with glitter sprinkled over and moss stuck on top. The pots have been decorated with star anise painted with metallic gold A-color paint.

  6. Inspiration: v11874 Potty Pixies
  7. Inspiration: v11840 Glitter Owls
  8. Inspiration: v11613 Lighthouses with A-Color Glaze
  9. Inspiration: v11604 A Money Box House
  10. Inspiration: v11308 Painted Lighthouses
  11. Inspiration: v10955 Pumpkin lanterns
  12. Inspiration: v10396 Christmas Decorations you can make yourself

    Torn tissue paper is glued onto the bell using VTR glue. Compressed cotton balls (for the head), natural twine, knitted tube, wings, crowns etc. are all attached to the bell using a glue gun. The wings are dabbed with A-Color Metallic gold paint.

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  13. Inspiration: v1454 Spooky pumpkin lights

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