Porcelain and glass decorations

Porcelain and glass decorations

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Dispatch within 2-4 days

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  1. Inspiration: v12179 A Tapas Set

    The wooden strips are sawn and glued together to make a serving tray – and then varnished. A Glass and Porcelain Contour marker is used for decorating the bowls which are then fixed in an oven.

  2. Inspiration: v12127 Art Tiles with Prints
  3. Inspiration: v12128 Art Tiles with Drawings
  4. Inspiration: v12126 Trivets
  5. Inspiration: v12047 A Lantern with Insects
  6. Inspiration: v11857 Decoration on Glass
  7. Inspiration: v11770 Candle Holders with a Metal Hanger

    Decorate these decorative candle holders with Kraft Paper with music notes and wrap striped cotton string around. Attach a Father Christmas (metal plate or wood veneer) and draw small hearts with a glitter glass and porcelain marker.

  8. Inspiration: v11768 Flat Christmas Baubles
  9. Inspiration: v11714 Money Boxes with A-Color Glass
  10. Inspiration: v11692 Paint on Porcelain
  11. Inspiration: v11603 A Decorated Porcelain Trivet

    This porcelain trivet is decorated with Glass Ceramic Paint and glass & porcelain markers. The wooden frame are is painted with Plus Color Craft paint.

  12. Inspiration: v11531 Porcelain with Dots
  13. Inspiration: v11316 Owls on shells
  14. Inspiration: v11252 Glass Plates become Birds
  15. Inspiration: v10947 Porcelain Pictures for Hanging
  16. Inspiration: v10194 Glass & Porcelain Markers
  17. Inspiration: v10193 Glass & Porcelain paint

    Painted using foam stencil brushes and outlined with porcelain markers.

  18. Inspiration: v10133 Lovely Trivets
  19. Inspiration: v10059 Trivet With Cork Frame
  20. Inspiration: v10057 Porcelain
  21. Inspiration: v10050 Glass Plate
  22. Inspiration: v1304 A decorated Mug
  23. Inspiration: v1305 A Mug with Flowers

Items 109-144 of 145

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