Porcelain and glass decorations

Porcelain and glass decorations

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Dispatch within 2-4 days

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  1. Inspiration: v12367 Money Box Boots/Vases

    The terracotta figure is painted with A-Color Glass. Use a Glass & Porcelain Contour Marker (outliner) for outlining. Decorate the boots by adding laces.

  2. Inspiration: v12179 A Tapas Set
  3. Inspiration: v12127 Art Tiles with Prints
  4. Inspiration: v12128 Art Tiles with Drawings
  5. Inspiration: v12126 Trivets
  6. Inspiration: v12047 A Lantern with Insects
  7. Inspiration: v11857 Decoration on Glass
  8. Inspiration: v11847 Candles for the Christmas Table

    Painted or dotted with Glass and Porcelain Markersand fixed in the oven for 90 min. at 160°C.

  9. Inspiration: v11768 Flat Christmas Baubles
  10. Inspiration: v11714 Money Boxes with A-Color Glass
  11. Inspiration: v11692 Paint on Porcelain
  12. Inspiration: v11673 Transfer Colour for Glass and Porcelain

    Draw a design on plastic foil with contour and transfer colours for glass and porcelain. Pull the colour off the foil when dry and attach to glass and porcelain items using water. Dishwasher safe when fixed in an oven at 160° C for 45 minutes.

  13. Inspiration: v11603 A Decorated Porcelain Trivet
  14. Inspiration: v11531 Porcelain with Dots
  15. Inspiration: v11316 Owls on shells
  16. Inspiration: v11252 Glass Plates become Birds
  17. Inspiration: v10947 Porcelain Pictures for Hanging
  18. Inspiration: v10194 Glass & Porcelain Markers

    Small candle holders painted with glass and porcelain markers - embellished with gold powder.

  19. Inspiration: v10193 Glass & Porcelain paint
  20. Inspiration: v10133 Lovely Trivets
  21. Inspiration: v10059 Trivet With Cork Frame
  22. Inspiration: v10057 Porcelain
  23. Inspiration: v10050 Glass Plate
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  24. Inspiration: v1304 A decorated Mug

Items 109-144 of 146

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