Fabric decorations

Give a personal and unique look to new or old textiles with textile decoration. Here you will find inspiration for, for example, fun T-shirts, beautiful tote bags with textile prints and markers, iron on foil and much more. Or how about trying out the popular batik trend?

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  1. Inspiration: v16138 Stamped designs on fabric using fruit and vegetables
    Make prints using fruit and vegetables and Plus Color craft paint mixed with Textile Medium. Textile Medium ensures that the colour is washable after fixing with an iron.
  2. Inspiration: v14698 An orange Bag for Halloween decorated with Text
    This bag is decorated with black text using a template, black Plus Color craft paint and a foam stencil brush. Place a piece of plastic (or similar) inside the bag to prevent smudging on the back of the bag or the surface it's resting on.
  3. Inspiration: v13057 Screen Stencil Prints in Embroidery Frames

    The motifs in the embroidery frames are made with Textil Color fabric paint and screen stencils on tea towels.

  4. Inspiration: v11829 A Jute Sack with Paverpol
  5. Inspiration: v11204 T-shirts with Princess Crowns
  6. Inspiration: v11161 Sun top
  7. Inspiration: v11125 Key Straps
  8. Inspiration: v10177 Shoe Bag

    Decorated with stencil designs and Textil Solid - embellished with 3D-Liner along the edges of design.

  9. Inspiration: v1452 Charming Bags and Purses

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