Fabric decorations

Give a personal and unique look to new or old textiles with textile decoration. Here you will find inspiration for, for example, fun T-shirts, beautiful tote bags with textile prints and markers, iron on foil and much more. Or how about trying out the popular batik trend?

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  1. Inspiration: v13999 A black Shopping Bag with white Fabric Printing using a Template

    This black shopping bag is decorated with a white print, using a screen stencil and Textile Solid fabric paint.

  2. Inspiration: v13458 A Shoe Bag with stamped Designs and Text

    These shoe bags are decorated with stamp printing, made with Solid Textile paint on foam stamps with different designs and letters.

  3. Inspiration: v13068 A Tie-Dyed T-Shirt
  4. Inspiration: v13022 A Black T-Shirt decorated with 3D Liner

    The design on the T-shirt is made by applying 3D Liner neon-coloured dots.

  5. Inspiration: v12619 A Bag with Silk Printing
  6. Inspiration: v12532 3D-Liner on Jeans
  7. Inspiration: v12509 Stencil Prints

  8. Inspiration: v12508 Mono Print on Hard Foil
  9. Inspiration: v12507 Fabric Printing
  10. Inspiration: v12306 T-Shirts with Fabric Print
  11. Inspiration: v11829 A Jute Sack with Paverpol
  12. Inspiration: v11788 Fabric Decoration

Items 37-72 of 91

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