Fabric decorations

Give a personal and unique look to new or old textiles with textile decoration. Here you will find inspiration for, for example, fun T-shirts, beautiful tote bags with textile prints and markers, iron on foil and much more. Or how about trying out the popular batik trend?

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  1. Inspiration: v13667 A Cushion and a Shopping Bag with Transfer Print

    Shopping bags decorated with prints, painted with Textile Color on transfer paper, then ironed on. Text is written on one bag. A photo is printed onto the transfer paper on the other. The handles are cut open, transforming a bag into cushion cover.

  2. Inspiration: v13068 A Tie-Dyed T-Shirt
    Batik is an old technique for dyeing patterned fabrics, especially cotton and silk. The technique aims to mask certain areas where you do not want colour on the fabric. Patterns are made with either elastic bands, strings, pegs or by sewing tacking stitches.
  3. Inspiration: v13017 Neon Textil Color Fabric Paint on a T-Shirt and a Cap

    The T-shirt and the cap are decorated with Neon Textil Color fabric paint. The text is applied afterwards using letter foam stamps dabbed with Textil Color fabric paint. The outlining is made with a black Textile Marker.

  4. Inspiration: v12619 A Bag with Silk Printing
  5. Inspiration: v12532 3D-Liner on Jeans
  6. Inspiration: v12509 Stencil Prints
  7. Inspiration: v12508 Mono Print on Hard Foil
  8. Inspiration: v12507 Fabric Printing
  9. Inspiration: v12494 Poppy Bunting
  10. Inspiration: v12306 T-Shirts with Fabric Print

    A simple technique with a great effect. Apply some Textil Color fabric paint onto a sheet of hard plastic foil. Scratch a design into the wet paint using a rubber brush and then transfer the sheet with the paint design onto a t-shirt.

  11. Inspiration: v11829 A Jute Sack with Paverpol
  12. Inspiration: v11788 Fabric Decoration

Items 37-72 of 86

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