Creativity with paper and card

One of the most popular activities is creativity with paper and card. This is because anyone can do it….from cut-outs, to origami from scrapbooking to card making. Here is where you’ll find all our ideas.


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  1. Inspiration: v15978 Crepe paper mistletoe
    This crepe paper mistletoe is made with glitter berries and is gathered with a red glitter ribbon tied in a bow.
  2. Inspiration: v15979 Crepe paper poinsettia
  3. Inspiration: v16081 A poppy from crepe paper
  4. Inspiration: v16084 A crepe paper tulip
  5. Inspiration: v16082 A peony from crepe paper
  6. Inspiration: v15975 Cones made from handmade paper
  7. Inspiration: v16083 Cosmos crepe paper flowers
  8. Inspiration: v16127 Play crafting bingo with the entire family
    Play with the entire family by getting the bingo board full and then making your own figure. Print a crafting bingo board for each of the participants and pick a caller. Make sure to have toilet rolls and other cardboard tubes ready for the game, creating fun and creative figures with colourful craft materials.
  9. Inspiration: v15983 Bluebells from crepe paper
  10. Inspiration: v15734 A Christmas card with a nosy elf made from deco foil
    Make your own Christmas card with a nosy elf design made from deco foil and glue foil designs.
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  11. Inspiration: v15547 Folded Design Paper Christmas Trees
    These Christmas trees are made from folded design paper circles which are punched-out in two different sizes with a paper punch.

Items 1-36 of 265

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