Creativity with paper and card

One of the most popular activities is creativity with paper and card. This is because anyone can do it….from cut-outs, to origami from scrapbooking to card making. Here is where you’ll find all our ideas.

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  1. Inspiration: v12837 A Glass Heart with Decoupage

    Decorate the glass heart with Vivi Gade Design decoupage paper.

  2. Inspiration: v12699 Bird Boxes
  3. Inspiration: v12687 Felt Hanging Decorations
  4. Inspiration: v12658 Felt Christmas Trees
  5. Inspiration: v12443 Decoupage on Papier-Mâché
  6. Inspiration: v12391 A Blackboard and a Coat Rack with Decoupage

    White-stain the piece of wood with Plus Color craft paint and decorate it with napkin decoupage. The black square in the middle is painted with blackboard paint and the result is a lovely blackboard.

  7. Inspiration: v12337 Princess Boxes with Decoupage
  8. Inspiration: v12335 Elastic Wooden Men
  9. Inspiration: v12235 Eggs with Decoupage Paper
  10. Inspiration: v12230 Felted Chickens for Hanging
  11. Inspiration: v12017 Natural Christmas Hearts
  12. Inspiration: v11969 A Papier-Mâché Horse with Decoupage

    The papier-mâché horse painted with white Plus Color craft paint with glued on decoupage paper. It is then decorated with rhinestones.

  13. Inspiration: v11945 Decorating Wood
  14. Inspiration: v11815 Napkin Decoupage
  15. Inspiration: v11685 Handmade Paper for Decoration
  16. Inspiration: v11398 A Set of Boxes
  17. Inspiration: v10959 Decorated Storage Boxes
  18. Inspiration: v1419 A lovely Tray with Decoupage
  19. Inspiration: v1356 Stars with Napkin Decoupage

    Painted stars with napkin decoupage. Details made with a Clear Marker

Items 37-64 of 64

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