Creativity with paper and card

One of the most popular activities is creativity with paper and card. This is because anyone can do it….from cut-outs, to origami from scrapbooking to card making. Here is where you’ll find all our ideas.

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  1. Inspiration: v16516 Frida Kahlo's Mexico – assemblage pictures
    The Mexican artist Frida Kahlo has become a role model due to her art, courage and strength. Her famous paintings reflect her life and are anchored in Mexican culture. She found inspiration in Native American culture and the colourful Mexican folk art, characterized by strong colours, patterns and motifs with death, symbolized by skeletons and skulls. With this idea, you can take the pupils to the Mexico, that Frida Kahlo loved so much. TARGET GROUP: Juniors (Y4-Y6)
  2. Inspiration: v16170 Hanging decorations for spring
  3. Inspiration: v16164 Eggs covered with crepe paper
  4. Inspiration: v16585 Collage eggs
  5. Inspiration: v16169 Spring rosettes for hanging
  6. Inspiration: v16165 Crepe paper daffodils
  7. Inspiration: v15978 Crepe paper mistletoe
  8. Inspiration: v15979 Crepe paper poinsettia
  9. Inspiration: v16081 A poppy from crepe paper
    Make your very own eternity bouquet with poppies from crepe paper. Cut out the template, make the centre from crepe paper and decorate the stamen with glitter. Make the leaves, glue them on the stem and cover the stem with green crepe paper.
  10. Inspiration: v16082 A peony from crepe paper
  11. Inspiration: v16084 A crepe paper tulip
  12. Inspiration: v15975 Cones made from handmade paper
  13. Inspiration: v16083 Cosmos crepe paper flowers
  14. Inspiration: v16127 Play crafting bingo with the entire family
    Play with the entire family by getting the bingo board full and then making your own figure. Print a crafting bingo board for each of the participants and pick a caller. Make sure to have toilet rolls and other cardboard tubes ready for the game, creating fun and creative figures with colourful craft materials.
  15. Inspiration: v15983 Bluebells from crepe paper
  16. Inspiration: v15913 How to make handmade paper with relief
    Learn how to make handmade paper with relief flowers made with silicone stamps.

Items 1-36 of 828

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