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  1. Inspiration: v16169 Spring rosettes for hanging
    Make spring rosettes for hanging from card and paper. Tie the rosettes in the middle with a piece of cord and assemble them with double-sided power tape. Print the template and cut out the adorable designs from card. Assemble all the different decorative parts with Multi Glue and then attach the finished design onto the rosettes.
  2. Inspiration: v14998 A woven Christmas Heart Basket with Polar Animals
    Print out the template and copy onto glazed paper and glitter paper. Attach the eye, nose and cheek stickers to give the animals a cute look. Weave the animals together like an ordinary heart basket. You may weave the polar bear, penguin and reindeer together in different ways.
  3. Inspiration: v14330 A Parrot from patterned Card
  4. Inspiration: v14279 Vertical Easter Bunny Card Bunting

    Vertical bunting which is made from some of the materials supplied in our large Easter kit. These Easter bunnies from patterned card are cut out using the template from the kit and glued onto a cord in pairs. The cord is also included in the kit.

  5. Inspiration: v14281 An Egg Cup from patterned Card
  6. Inspiration: v13420 Flowers from Card using flexible Template

    Each flower is cut from coloured card using a flexible template which can be used for five different types of flower. Assemble the flower heads with the stems etc. using a glue stick.

  7. Inspiration: v11903 Window Decorations
  8. Inspiration: v11461 Easter Templates Card
  9. Inspiration: v11413 A Vivi Gade Mobile

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