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Let children use their creative skills with exciting ideas for indoors and outdoors activities. On this page you'll find lots of child-friendly inspiration with guides.

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  1. Inspiration: v16197 Lovely shopping bags decorated with pastel dye sticks
    Children can decorate these shopping bags beautifully with simple shapes, such as squares, triangles and circles. The combination of fabric paint and pastel dye sticks provides a lovely result and the children get a chance to work with different techniques. Find inspiration here!
  2. Inspiration: v16202 Ceramics with bubble technique
    These lovely mugs and egg cups are a fantastic gift idea. Furthermore, the bubble technique is easy and fun to do!
  3. Inspiration: v16207 A box with a personalized lid
  4. Inspiration: v16178 Cakes from boxes
  5. Inspiration: v16128 Beautiful braided bracelet from satin cords
    This braiding technique enables young as well as older children to make beautiful bracelets for themselves or for someone special. Braiding is always a fun and popular activity. Whilst children often enjoy making jewellery, they also strengthen their fine motor skills and concentration.
  6. Inspiration: v16203 Fun, imaginative money boxes
  7. Inspiration: v15975 Cones made from handmade paper
  8. Inspiration: v15933 A bee from a cardboard tube
  9. Inspiration: v15932 A clown from a cardboard tube
  10. Inspiration: v15879 A macramé keyring fob using cotton twine
    Braid a decorative keyring fob using the macramé technique. Use 2 mm cotton twine in your chosen colours.
  11. Inspiration: v15931 A robot from a cardboard tube
  12. Inspiration: v15964 A cut-out figure on foam board

Items 1-36 of 1673

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