Homemade Christmas decorations

Homemade elves and Santas

Do you want to make homemade elves? We've gathered lots of inspiration for elves and Santas specifically. And a huge selection of stuff you can use to make your own decorative elves and Santas. In short, we've tried to make it as funny and easy for you to start as possible.

Homemade elves and Santas

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Dispatch within 2-4 days

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  1. Inspiration: v13151 Pixies made from Cones with Hats made from Knitted Tube

    These pixies are made from pine cones with attached feet, modelled from Silk Clay. The beard is made from Curly Locks Natural Wool, a red wooden bead is attached for the nose and hats made from knitted tube are attached at the end.

  2. Inspiration: v12864 Bobbin Pixies
  3. Inspiration: v12867 Gnomes from Paverpol
  4. Inspiration: v12751 Pixie Dolls
  5. Inspiration: v12750 Cone Pixies
  6. Inspiration: v12689 Hanging Pixies
  7. Inspiration: v12633 Vivi Gade Felt Pixies

    Vivi Gade Design felt is cut out using the template and then sewn by hand. The pixies are filled with polyester stuffing and plastic pellets. The head, pom-poms and the natural hemp for hair are glued on.

  8. Inspiration: v12622 London Felt Pixies
  9. Inspiration: v11941 Bobbin Pixies
  10. Inspiration: v11892 A Row of Angels/Pixies
  11. Inspiration: v11874 Potty Pixies
  12. Inspiration: v11696 Vivi Gade Girls

    Lovely hanging girls from Vivi Gade Design Paper with arms and legs made from paper yarn.

  13. Inspiration: v11132 Vivi Gade Topple Pixies
  14. Inspiration: v11131 Bauble Angels and Pixies
  15. Inspiration: v11116 Happy Pixies in a Row
  16. Inspiration: v10925 Triangle Pixies
  17. Inspiration: v10664 Cotton Fabric
  18. Inspiration: v10328 Silk Clay Christmas Elves
  19. Inspiration: v10312 Christmas Decorations you can make yourself

    Needle felt Pixie heads and put them into felt hearts, sewn together with buttonhole stitches. Sew on the hat and a small heart from Vivi Gade Felt using tacking stitches.

  20. Inspiration: v1388 Mathilda & Victor Pixies
  21. Inspiration: v1377 Sophie and Nicholas
  22. Inspiration: v1273 Paper Cup Pixies
  23. Inspiration: v1272 A Pixie on a Paper Plate

Items 37-68 of 68

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