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Classic Christmas

Do you love decorating with classical Christmas figures and colours like red, white and gold? Then our ideas for traditional and classical Christmas decorations is something right down your alley. With materials like for example yarn and felt you can make elves, angels and mice, things that radiate the good old feel of Christmas. You can also make beautiful Christmas decorations, that will spread joy all around. All of it held together by traditional Christmas colours.

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  1. Inspiration: v15994 A woven Christmas star with a rose bud
    Weave paper stars with rose buds in different sizes depending on the width of the paper star strips. Begin by weaving the Christmas star following steps 10-12 on the packaging. Make a rose bud in the middle of the star by gathering all four paper star strip ends, twisting them into the shape of a rose. Insert the ends of the paper star stips into the bottom of the star one by one and trim.
  2. Inspiration: v16076 Crochet your own mistletoe
  3. Inspiration: v16075 Crochet decorative pine cones
  4. Inspiration: v15743 A garland with needle-felted toadstools
    Make a garland from small needle-felted toadstools. Use carded wool and felt small toadstools using a felting needle. The finished toadstools are hung on a long piece of Fantasia acrylic yarn.
  5. Inspiration: v15740 A felt Christmas mouse with a present
    Make this Christmas mouse from felt. Attach a piece of knitted tube (cut open) for a scarf around its neck and attach a Christmas present in its arms.
  6. Inspiration: v15737 Christmas gift wrapping decorated with a mini Christmas tree on a peg
    Decorate a wrapped Christmas present with lametta, a 'to and from card' and a mini Christmas tree on a gold metal peg.

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