Homemade Christmas decorations

Christmas Decorations with templates

Here you find a big selection of templates for making Christmas decorations for a fun day making Christmas decorations with both children and adults. The templates are developed so that anybody - regardless of age and experience - can participate.
You don't ned much other than scissors, paper and glue sticks to be ready when you have these templates.

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  1. Inspiration: v15979 Crepe paper poinsettia
    Make your very own crepe paper poinsettia with glitter berries.
  2. Inspiration: v15990 Fabric rosettes for hanging
  3. Inspiration: v15975 Cones made from handmade paper
  4. Inspiration: v15548 Angels with a Cone Body
  5. Inspiration: v15417 Cones decorated with Rosettes and Card Cut-outs from the Nutcracker Fairy Tale
    Make your own cones from design paper and decorate them with rosettes, tissue paper and card cut-outs from the Nutcracker fairy tale. Here are three ideas for beautiful Christmas cones.
  6. Inspiration: v14989 A Silhouette Card Town decorated with Glitter Paper and Vellum Paper
    This silhouette town is cut out from card and decorated with glitter paper and vellum paper.
  7. Inspiration: v13486 Decorations and Snowballs made from Honeycomb Paper
    Draw the half circle of each decoration onto honeycomb paper using the template. Unfold the paper and assemble it into a snowball using double-sided adhesive tape.

31 Items

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