Homemade Christmas decorations

Angels and reindeer

Angels and reindeer are figures which add to the magic of Christmas. Have fun making your own with our ideas with guides.

When you are done, you can use the figures as decorations in your windowsill, as part of a Christmas landscape.


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  1. Inspiration: v16211 Charming Christmas decorations made from corks
    Re-using items makes sense and can easily be used for something creative! Save your corks and transform them into adorable little Christmas figures in beautiful colours. Ideal for hanging on the Christmas tree or in the window.
  2. Inspiration: v15549 Angels made from Pine Cones
  3. Inspiration: v15548 Angels with a Cone Body
  4. Inspiration: v15157 An Angel with Foam Clay Glitter and Silk Clay
    The angel's body is a terracotta bell which is covered with Foam Clay glitter and decorated with rhinestones. A polystyrene ball is covered with Silk Clay. Eyes and a nose, etc. are attached. The wings and the halo are made from pipe cleaners.
  5. Inspiration: v14565 Silk Clay Reindeer with long Legs made from Pipe Cleaners and Nabbi Fuse Beads
    These two reindeer with hats, noses, ears and hooves are modelled from Silk Clay. Both have long limbs and a decorative border on the hat made from pipe cleaners and Nabbi fuse beads. Everything – including eyes with rolling pupils and the buck's pipe cleaner antlers – are pushed into the Silk Clay.
  6. Inspiration: v14391 An Angel made from Craft Felt
  7. Inspiration: v13189 A Metal Heart decorated with Music Notes Kraft Paper and an Angel

    This heart is decorated with Music Notes Kraft Paper and a punched-out angel attached with double-sided adhesive tape. Outlines are made with 3D Snow Effect. A piece of natural hemp is attached to the heart for hanging. A small punched-out angel is attached to the piece of natural hemp for decoration.

  8. Inspiration: v12868 Lovely Linen Angels
  9. Inspiration: v12863 A Moose with 3D Snow Effect
  10. Inspiration: v12753 Angels made from Polystyrene
  11. Inspiration: v11927 A Cone Angel
  12. Inspiration: v11912 A Cone Angel made from Felt
  13. Inspiration: v11892 A Row of Angels/Pixies

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