Confirmation parties

Place cards for confirmation

Explore ideas for making pretty - and celebratory place cards for the confirmation.

On this page you'll find the most obvious products for homemade place cards. Mix the colours and make sure the place cards matches the party theme and atmosphere.<br />It's great to make your own.

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  1. Inspiration: v15381 A Place Card with a punched-out Vellum Paper Butterfly
    Make your own place cards with butterflies from punched-out vellum paper. Add deco foil butterflies underneath the vellum paper butterflies for a shiny effect.
  2. Inspiration: v13989 A Greeting Card with a Portrait Photo on coloured Card Ovals

    This invitation is made from a Happy Moments greeting card. A printed portrait is attached on top of several coloured card ovals. A glued-on wooden flower adds further decoration to the invitation.

  3. Inspiration: v13787 White Table Decorations
  4. Inspiration: v12254 A Boy’s Card
  5. Inspiration: v12222 Pink Color Bar Cards
  6. Inspiration: v11507 Let the Party start
  7. Inspiration: v11502 Romance for the Celebration of the Year

    This is a lovely set which can be used for a romantic celebration, whether it is a confirmation, a girly birthday party or something else completely. It is made in pink shades in Vivi Gade Design Paper which is also available in other beautiful pastel colours. Some of the parts are punched with a border punch, but first the text is written on the computer and printed onto the paper. The cards are decorated in a romantic style with punched out flowers and matching ribbons from the Vivi Gade series.

19 Items

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