Colourful Angels made from Bonsai Wire and Gauze Bandage

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Each angel is made from gauze bandage, wrapped around a bonsai wire skeleton. When dry, the gauze bandage is painted with A-Color glitter paint. Foam rubber wings, paper yarn hair and a painted polyresin crown are attached.

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Colourful Angels made from Bonsai Wire and Gauze Bandage
Colourful Angels made from Bonsai Wire and Gauze Bandage

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    Form a U-shape from piece of black bonsai wire measuring approx. 50-60cm. Push from each side where the loop is at the top to form the shape of the head.
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    Cut some 20cm pieces of gauze bandage. Moisten the gauze bandage and wrap it piece by piece around the bonsai wire skeleton until the angel's head and body/dress come into shape. Leave the figure to dry lying down.
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    Draw facial features and other details with a thick, black Uni Posca marker. Paint the dress and the small polyresin crown with A-Color glitter paint. Leave to dry.
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    Wings: Print and cut out the template which is available as a separate PDF file for this idea. Draw the outline of the template onto glitter foam rubber and cut out.
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    Attach the wings, the paper yarn hair and the small crown onto the gauze bandage figure.
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    Use flat nose pliers and bend the bonsai wire to make feet, enabling the angel to stand unaided.
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