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Cards and Envelopes, card size 10.5x15 cm, envelope size 11.5x16.5 cm, purple, mother of pearl, 4sets


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Double blank cards of heavyweight cardboard (210g) with mother of pearl finish, having matching paper envelope (120g) which has a moisture-gummed envelope closure (wet to close).
Set of 4 cards and 4 envelopes .
card size 10,5x15 cm, envelope size 11,5x16,5 cm
Lignin free
Ideas made from a varient of this product
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  • Inspiration: 14814 Greeting Cards with laced Card Designs
  • Inspiration: V14815 A Greeting Card and a Place Card with Drawing Gum Text painted over with Watercolours
  • Inspiration: 15250 A pearlescent Greeting Card decorated with gold Deco Foil Stripes
  • Inspiration: 15593 A Shaker Card and Envelope decorated with handmade Paper
  • Inspiration: 15595 A shaker card made from handmade paper

This product is currently unavailable

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