Waffle stitch potholders


Crochet thick potholders in the waffle stitch crochet pattern from two strands of cotton yarn 8/4 and attach a leather strap for hanging. You will need 55 g of cotton yarn per potholder.

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Waffle stitch potholders
Waffle stitch potholders

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    Crochet pattern
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    A tip:
    In order for the potholders to keep the colours from fading, you may soak them in cold water adding a small amount of white vinegar. Wash the potholders before use at 40°C.
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    Cut a 22 cm leather cord and push it through one of the corners of the potholder.
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    Tie a knot in the doubled-over leather cord close to the potholder and another knot at the end.
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