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Fluid Art on a Canvas with Craft Paint and Pouring-Fluid


Make beautiful fluid art paintings with a marble effect by mixing craft paint with Pouring-Fluid.

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Fluid Art on a Canvas with Craft Paint and Pouring-Fluid
Fluid Art on a Canvas with Craft Paint and Pouring-Fluid

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    How to do it
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    Lay out all the materials: Canvas, paint, Pouring-Fluid, plastic cups, ice lolly sticks, rubber gloves, underlay and something that raises the canvas up off the underlay. NB: 150 ml Pouring-Fluid is just enough for a 30 x 30 cm canvas.
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    Pour a small amount of each of your chosen colour paint into a separate plastic cup. Pour Pouring-Fluid into each cup. The mixture must be runny.
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    Stir well to mix the paint and the Pouring-Fluid.
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    In another cup pour in the white mixture first. Now pour a different colour into the middle. Finally, pour a third colour into the middle.
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    Carefully insert the ice lolly stick into the middle of the cup and drag the colour out to the side.
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    Place the canvas on top of the cup and turn the whole thing upside down with the canvas at the bottom.
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    Lift up the cup so that all the paint runs out.
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    Lift up the canvas and tilt it to the sides so that the paint runs.
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    Pour more colour mixtures into the cup, preferably several different colours and continue until the canvas is completely covered. Let the paint run down the sides of the canvas.
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    Make lines on the painting by pouring an un-mixed colour onto the painting.
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    You may use a fourth colour as well (here we have used blue).
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    Tilt the canvas once again and let the colours run until you are satisfied with the result. Please note that the colours continue to run even when you put down the canvas. Leave to dry for a min. of 24 hours.
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