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A Rya Cushion from Fabric Yarn


This rya cushion is made from spaghetti (fabric yarn) and denim fabric yarn which are easy to attach onto latch hook canvas with a latch hook.

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A Rya Cushion from Fabric Yarn
A Rya Cushion from Fabric Yarn

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    How to do it
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    Cut a 52x52 cm piece of non-slip latch hook canvas. Cut 13 cm pieces of fabric yarn. Double over the piece of fabric yarn and pull the ends through the loop.
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    Continue according to your imagination until the latch hook canvas is filled. A 2 cm border is required for sewing onto the backing.
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    Cut a backing piece measuring 52 x 52 cm. Fold and iron the 2 cm borders.
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    Sew the back and the front pieces together, outer side against outer side. Leave a 25 cm opening for inserting the cushion.
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    Turn inside out and put the cushion inside.
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    Sew the opening closed.
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