Relief Technique on Terracotta


For a surface with a 3D effect on terracotta, it's easy to make patterns with the relief paint 3D liner and then dab/rub with Plus Color craft paint on top using a foam stencil brush and a brush, creating an exciting patina.

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Relief Technique on Terracotta
Relief Technique on Terracotta

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    The relief paint 3D liner is applied with the drawing tip on the bottle. Choose whether you want patterned design to cover the surface of the item completely or partially. We have chosen the colour white which appears neutral, but all the 3D liner colours will have a different effect on the patina. Leave to dry for 8-10 hours.
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    Paint the terracotta item with Plus Color craft paint (which has an excellent opacity). As terracotta is absorbent and the paint fast-drying, we recommend starting by painting the areas without a relief pattern first if you want the colour of the 3D liner to be visible after the patinating.
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    Rub a slightly moistened foam stencil brush over the relief design before the paint dries.. Use circular movements to rub off some of the Plus Color craft paint.
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    For a patinated look carefully rub a bit of paint on your chosen areas using a foam stencil brush and a different colour of Plus Color craft paint, for example, gold. If you apply too much paint, rub it off. The magic happens when adding/removing paint until the desired result is achieved. Leave to dry.
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