Painting and drawing on Plastic


Paint our lifelike plastic eggs with Plus Color craft paint which has an excellent opacity and which adheres very well on the slightly chalky surface. Apply Plus Color craft paint with a brush and add lines and fine details with Plus Color craft paint markers.

How to do it
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When decorating, for example, eggs, it's a great advantage to push a flower stick into the egg, making the painting procedure easier. Some eggs come without a hole, but it's easy to make a hole at the top, for example, with the points of scissors or an awl. Paint with Plus Color craft paint and leave to dry on the stick.
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Draw with Plus Color markers on the completely dry, painted surface. The pump action paint markers work by gently pressing the drawing tip up and down a couple of times to make the paint flow to the felt tip. The marker is now ready for use. Shake the marker as you go along for a uniform colour. Leave to dry.
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