Watercolours on Plastic


The slightly chalky surface of our lifelike plastic eggs is ideal for, for example, painting with watercolour. Choose from watercolour in blocks or Solo Goya aqua paint markers. The watercolour effect is revealed when the egg is dry.

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Watercolours on Plastic
Watercolours on Plastic

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    Push a flower stick into the egg, making the painting procedure easier. Some lifelike eggs come without a hole, but it's easy to make a hole with the points of scissors or an awl. Paint with watercolours and tip the egg as you go along to make the paint move around on the surface of the egg. Take care not to put too much water on the brush. Leave to dry on the stick.
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    With Solo Goya aqua marker: Decorate the egg in an irregular fashion.
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    With Solo Goya aqua marker (continued): Add water with a brush or a small spray bottle. Tip the egg as you go along to move and blend the paint. Add additional colour with the paint marker if required. Leave to dry on the flower stick.
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    Watercolour effect after drying (here with paint markers).
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