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Watercolours on Plastic Masks


The velvet-like surface on our plastic masks makes it possible to decorate the masks with liquid watercolours. One variant is applied with a brush and another is applied using markers with a special soft tip that draws and writes like a brush. Water is added with a brush or with a spray bottle.

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Watercolours on Plastic Masks
Watercolours on Plastic Masks

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    How to do it
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    Watercolours with aqua paint markers: Apply watercolours directly onto the velvet-like surface with the elastic marker brush tip. It's not necessary to fill in.
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    Spray on water and the water pigments will start to run over the surface. Leave the mask as the colours will continue to run for quite a while.
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    You may encourage the colours further with a brush. Leave to dry for 24 hours.
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    Watercolours with a brush: The liquid watercolour paint Aqua Pigment which is similar in consistency to liquid markers is applied directly onto the velvet-like surface of the plastic mask. Here we have drawn lines with a black permanent marker beforehand for effect.
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    The finished velvet masks after drying.
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