A small Fairy House in a Storage Box


This fairy house for small fairies is built inside a storage box shaped like a house. The house is decorated with a timber frame. The roof and the picket fence are made from ice lolly sticks and small rustic wooden discs form a path to the small magical door, which is surrounded by small rustic wooden discs. Flowers, birds and gardening tools are added for further decoration to create a cozy look and feel.

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A small Fairy House in a Storage Box
A small Fairy House in a Storage Box

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    How to do it
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    Cut ice lolly sticks to a suitable length for the timber frame, the picket fence and the gate (here the picket fence is approx. 6 cm high). The five lolly sticks used for the gate are higher than the fence. Use an ordinary pair of scissors or a special mitre cutter to cut the lolly sticks to size.
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    Paint the storage box, door and lolly sticks with craft paint.
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    Apply the paint onto the timber frame and the door using a sponge for a natural wooden look.
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    Make the roof by cutting lolly sticks in half. Glue on the half-sized lolly sticks side by side using a glue gun. As illustrated in the photo, cut two lolly sticks to a length which fits the distance from the edge of the slope to the top. Glue both of these lolly sticks on each side for the gable, creating a lovely finish.
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    Glue lolly sticks onto the roof as a support each time you make a new vertical row of lolly sticks. That way one end of the lolly stick is resting on the glued-on lolly stick (see the photo). Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each row on both sides of the roof.
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    Glue on the door, the timber frame and the wooden discs for the path using a glue gun.
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    Make a picket fence by twisting four pieces of floral wire (two at the top and two at the bottom) around each lolly stick.
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    Glue the picket fence onto the sides and along the bottom edge of the storage box using a glue gun.
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    Make a wreath for the door by wrapping a piece of floral wire around two fingers, making a ring. Trim the ends and glue cut-off flowers onto the floral wire ring with a glue gun, thus making a wreath.
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    Write the name of the house onto an ice lolly stick using a white permanent marker.
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    Glue the sign onto each side of the roof gable at the front.
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    Decorate further with fairy lights, pots, flowers, birds and gardening tools etc.
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