Personal Jewellery with Metal Tags


A necklace with tags embossed with a letter and small texts. The pendants are slid onto a bead chain and further decorated with a faceted bead and a metal feather.

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Personal Jewellery with Metal Tags
Personal Jewellery with Metal Tags

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    How to do it
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    Mark the line and the middle. Now emboss the letters on the tag using embossing stamps, the Simple Strike Jig and the metal stamping hammer.
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    Using a black enamel marker, push the ink into the text and leave to dry for 1-3 min. Wipe away the excess stamp enamel from the metal tag with a piece of kitchen roll.
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    Make a loop on the head pin just above the bead – follow the instructions in idea No. 12280.
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    Attach a round jump ring to the pendant. Close it by twisting the two ends together with two pliers.
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    Another variant
    Assemble everything on a 80 cm bead chain. Fasten the chain with the outer small bead inside the supplied collar fastener at the opposite end.
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