A quilted Blanket made from Bandanas


The front of this quilted blanket is made from patterned bandanas which are quilted and sewn together with a back piece made from plain fabric.

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A quilted Blanket made from Bandanas
A quilted Blanket made from Bandanas

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    How to do it
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    Cut each bandana (12 in total) 1.5 cm from the edge of the patterned frame – all the way around.
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    Measure and cut a piece of polyester wadding to the same size for each bandana.
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    Attach these two parts to each other with pins and sew them together diagonally.
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    Assemble the 12 pieces according to your taste in 3 rows with 4 pieces in each. Attach the pieces together with pins along the top and bottom edges – outer side against other side. Sew the rows together side by side to make one large piece.
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    Cut a back piece from plain fabric in the same size as the quilted front. Place the two pieces together – outer side against outer side - and sew them together, leaving a small opening. Turn the quilt inside out through the small hole and sew the hole together with a needle and thread.
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