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A Horse transformed into a Unicorn


This horse is made from a 3D self-assembly wooden jigsaw puzzle which has been assembled, painted white and sprinkled with glitter. It is decorated with a mane, tail and a horn all made from Foam Clay, which is pressed on firmly.

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A Horse transformed into a Unicorn
A Horse transformed into a Unicorn

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    How to do it
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    Carefully remove the pieces from the sheet.
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    Follow the instructions for the 3D jigsaw puzzle and assemble the figure.
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    Paint the horse with white Plus Color craft paint and sprinkle glitter in the wet paint. Leave to dry.
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    Roll two Foam Clay “sausages” in two different colours, twist them to form a horn and press this onto the horse's forehead.
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    Roll several Foam Clay “sausages” in different colours. Press them onto the horse for the mane and tail.
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