Paper Hanging Decorations with Glitter

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The star and the bauble are both made from glitter paper from the same book. Both decorations are assembled from several pieces of paper cut out using a template, folded and stapled together in the middle. They are finished with a piece of silver thread for hanging decorated with wooden beads.

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Paper Hanging Decorations with Glitter
Paper Hanging Decorations with Glitter

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    Print and cut out the templates which are available as a separate PDF file for this idea. Glue the glitter paper together, inner side against inner side. Make several and leave to dry.
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    Copy the templates onto the glitter paper – approx. 4 of each shape – and cut out.
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    For each shape, place the cut-out shapes on top of each other in a pile. Fold in the middle and staple together. A TIP: Alternatively you may sew the cut-out shapes together.
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    Make a hole at the top in the middle of each shape using revolving punch pliers.
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    Attach a piece of silver thread through the hole and decorate with one or two wooden beads.
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