Objects painted with concrete paste


Concrete paste gives all kinds of surfaces a solid, heavy appearance, and here you can see it's effect on a milk carton and a polystyrene ball.

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Objects painted with concrete paste
Objects painted with concrete paste

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    How to do it
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    Stir the concrete paste well and paint or spread over in a thin layer (as a base) on the object. Here we've used a polystyrene ball. Leave to dry.
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    Apply a second layer of concrete paste to the object, in the thickness required to get the desired surface texture.
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    After drying for a few minutes, dab the surface evenly with a sponge on the still-wet concrete paste. Leave to dry.
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    Rub the surface with sandpaper to smooth it down (or leave in the desired texture). Brush off any dust.
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    Using a sponge, dab on the dark glaze onto the object. (This glaze is a paint which creates an underlying layer in between). Leave the object to dry.
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    In the same way as above, now apply the light glaze to the object.
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    Concrete paste can be used on all sorts of materials such as glass, porcelain and pâpier maché. For example, make a flower pot out of an old milk or juice carton, as shown here.
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