Muffin-shaped Candlesticks from Plaster Compound


Candlesticks cast from white plaster compound with a small metal candle holder in a paper muffin case. When dry, the top of each candlestick is painted with Plus Color craft paint in a pastel colour for icing.

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Muffin-shaped Candlesticks from Plaster Compound
Muffin-shaped Candlesticks from Plaster Compound

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    How to do it
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    Make a mould for stabilizing the thin paper muffin cases used for the casting. Print out the template for this purpose which is available as a separate PDF-file for this idea.
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    Cut notches in the paper plate as shown. Assemble the mould and bend each tab onto the bottom of the base.
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    Secure with paper clips.
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    Pour sand (for example Sandy Clay) into a bucket. Place the home-made mould in the bucket and 3 or 4 muffin cases inside the mould.
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    Pour water into a bucket and sprinkle plaster compound slowly until it forms a peak at the surface of the water. Leave it for about 8 min.
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    Stir well until air bubbles form on the surface. NB: Plaster generates heat during hardening (the larger the quantity, the greater the heat). Be well prepared for the next steps as plaster hardens quickly. All materials and tools should be within reach.
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    Pour or spoon the plaster compound into the muffin cases.
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    Lightly vibrate the bucket with the muffin cases by lifting it a couple of times up and down from the table in order to distribute the plaster compound evenly thus avoiding air bubbles. (NB: Plaster hardens quickly, so the process needs to be carried out quickly).
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    Push a small metal candle holder into the middle of the muffin case with the plaster compound. Add weight to the candle holder to prevent it from being pushed upwards when hardening. You may use beads or similar. Leave to harden for approx. 20 min. (always depending on the size of the shape).
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    Remove the cast candlestick from the mould. Use it as it is or paint the top with Plus Color craft paint (like a layer of icing) and leave to dry.
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