A Glitter Paper Star decorated with a Rosette and a Snowflake


A star folded from glittery Vivi Gade Design paper with a silver thread for hanging. A rosette folded from white glossy paper and a small wooden snowflake are attached for further decoration in the middle of the star using Powertape.

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A Glitter Paper Star decorated with a Rosette and a Snowflake
A Glitter Paper Star decorated with a Rosette and a Snowflake

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    How to do it
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    Cut a 12 x 12 cm square from glittery design paper.
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    Use a bone folder and fold in the middle in both directions. Unfold.
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    Fold diagonally twice. Unfold.
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    Make a 3 cm cut along the score line in all four directions using a craft knife.
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    Make a fold from each cut towards the diagonal score line all the way around the shape. Attach all folds with Powertape.
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    Rosette: Print and cut out the template which is available as a separate PDF file for this idea. Copy onto glossy design paper. Cut out the shape (don't do the jagged edge along one of the sides yet).
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    Fold in a concertina fashion from one end to the other. Use a bone folder.
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    Use the template as shown and cut the points.
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    Attach Powertape at one end and assemble the paper to make a ring. Attach a piece of silver thread in one of the four points of the star.
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    Stand the ring upright and push the sides downwards and outwards, forming a rosette.
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    Attach small pieces of Powertape onto the middle of the star and attach the rosette.
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    Decorate the rosette with a wooden snow flake, attaching it with Powertape.
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