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Glass Baubles with Gold Spray on masked Areas


Both of these baubles are decorated with spray paint which is sprayed onto masked areas made with stickers.

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Glass Baubles with Gold Spray on masked Areas
Glass Baubles with Gold Spray on masked Areas

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    For masking areas, use self-adhesive stickers which are attached onto the glass bauble (remove the collar beforehand) or the candle holder. Press the stickers on firmly. NB: If you want a star, use the template which is available as a separate PDF-file for this idea. Copy onto double-sided foil tape and cut out.
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    Spray the spray paint on in a thin coat twice. Follow the instructions on the spray paint can regarding drying time.
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    Use a pointed object – for example a needle – for carefully removing all stickers.
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    Reattach the metal collar onto the bauble and attach a piece of bead chain with a matching fastener.
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