An Advent Wreath from woven Design Paper Stars


This advent wreath is a straw wreath with steel wool and stars woven from Vivi Gade paper star strips (the Copenhagen series). Four white pillar candles – each decorated with zinc tags with punched out numbers - are fixed onto candle holders with a point and pushed into the wreath. The wreath is decorated further with small transparent glass Christmas baubles.

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An Advent Wreath from woven Design Paper Stars
An Advent Wreath from woven Design Paper Stars

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    How to do it
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    Cover the wreath with steel wool. Attach with silver plated wire.
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    Weave 24 small stars using the narrow paper star strips and 4 large stars using the wide paper star strips. Follow the instructions printed on the back of the packaging of the paper star strips. NB: Weave the large stars with only upstanding points on one side.
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    Attach four wide paper star strips around the wreath using a glue gun. Attach the four large stars onto the wreath. Push the four candle holders with points into the wreath between each star.
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    Attach the small stars and the small glass Christmas baubles to the wreath using a glue gun.
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    Tie a piece of doubled-over silver plated wire around each pillar candle. Decorate with a glass bauble and a zinc tag with Advent numbers.
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