A Cushion with a Cross-Stitch Rose


The front of this cushion is embroidered with a cross-stitch rose on a piece of felt with holes. Maxi cotton yarn is used for the cross-stitching. The cushion is stuffed with a stuffed pillow, measuring 40 x 40 cm.

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A Cushion with a Cross-Stitch Rose
A Cushion with a Cross-Stitch Rose

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    How to do it
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    The front consists of four (4) pieces of felt with holes which are then embroidered individually with cross-stitches. You may need the template which is available as a separate PDF file for this idea. Use Maxi cotton yarn and a cross stitch needle.
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    The rose spreads over all four (4) pieces of felt with holes. Here we show the pattern/colours on felt piece No. 1.
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    Pattern/colours on felt piece No. 2.
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    Pattern/colours on felt piece No. 3.
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    Pattern/colours on felt piece No. 4.
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    Assemble the pieces as shown.
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    Sew the pieces together in the holes in the middle with a large double cross-stitch.
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    Sew the four (4) pieces together in the outside holes, one side at a time, using tall cross-stitches. You may change colour according to the rose pattern, making the transition as invisible as possible.
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    Back: Place the finished front on top of a piece of 3mm felt and cut a piece of felt to the same size.
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    Sew the front and the back together with buttonhole stitches. Use a pointed needle as there are no holes in the cut-out back piece of felt. Buttonhole stitches: Sew from the back through the two layers of felt and pull towards the edge.
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    ... Catch the loop from underneath with the tip of the needle, pull and continue.
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    Insert a stuffed pillow inside, measuring 40 x 40cm before sewing the last of the four sides together.
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