Cotton Fabric Pixies with a Beard made from Raw Silk


These pixies with long pointy hats are made from cotton fabric. Each pixie is filled with polyester stuffing and decorated with a glued-on beard made from carded raw silk and a wooden bead for the nose.

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Cotton Fabric Pixies with a Beard made from Raw Silk
Cotton Fabric Pixies with a Beard made from Raw Silk

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    How to do it
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    Print and cut out the template which is available as a separate PDF file for this idea. Draw and cut out from design fabric: 2 x body, 1 x bottom and 1 x hat.
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    Sew the two pixie body parts together along the edge, outer side against outer side. Make a seam at the bottom of the hat and sew together, outer side against outer side.
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    Sew the bottom onto the body, but leave an opening for inserting the stuffing. Turn outside in.
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    Fill the body first with polyester stuffing and then with plastic pellets to give it some weight/balance. A TIP: Use a funnel, for example made from card, for putting the pellets inside the pixie's body.
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    Close the opening with a needle and thread.
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    A beard: tear short pieces of the carded raw silk and gather in a bundle. Trim at the end and gather the bundle with tape.
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    Sew the taped bundle together on the sewing machine and then remove the tape.
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    Glue the beard and the wooden bead for the nose onto the pixie. NB: Place the nose right under the stitching of the beard. The stitching will be covered by the hat.
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    A pointy hat: Insert a frame made from aluminium wire (shaped according to the measurement of the hat). Now the hat can be shaped how you want it.
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    Place the aluminium wire frame inside the hat.
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    Glue the pointy hat onto the body and shape the hat according to your own taste.
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