A Paper folded Frog with Wiggle Eyes


Follow the Japanese folding technique of origami and fold this little frog from green paper. Wiggle eyes are glued onto the frog's head afterwards.

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A Paper folded Frog with Wiggle Eyes
A Paper folded Frog with Wiggle Eyes

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    How to do it
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    Fold the paper in the middle lengthwise.
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    At the top, fold each corner in turn to form a cross in the paper to use as a guide.
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    Fold the top part down so the score line runs across the cross in the middle of the top of the paper. Unfold.
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    Fold both sides of the paper towards the middle of the cross, making a hollow triangle. The openings are at the bottom.
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    Fold up the sides of the upper layer of the triangle, forming the frog's two front legs. Now fold the bottom of the paper so it reaches the lower part of the triangle.
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    Fold the paper vertically from each side towards the middle.
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    Fold the bottom up to the lower edge of the front legs.
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    Fold each corner downwards towards the middle from each side, at the bottom.
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    Unfold again and open up at the sides.
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    Fold each side downwards into a tip.
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    Divide the tip and fold a leg to each side for the frog's hind legs.
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    Turn the frog over and make two bends as the rear near the frog's hind legs. Glue on wiggle eyes near the frog's mouth. NB: the frog can actually jump when pressing against the score line on the rear.
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