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Shopping Bags with coloured Stripes and Graphics


Each shopping bag is decorated with black graphics made as a print with a foam stamp and ink. Some of the bags are decorated with coloured stripes as a background for the black prints.

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Shopping Bags with coloured Stripes and Graphics
Shopping Bags with coloured Stripes and Graphics

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    How to do it
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    Put a piece of plastic inside the shopping bag, protecting the back in order to avoid smudging. Make vertical stripes with a foam brush, dabbed in Textile Color fabric paint. A TIP: you may put on masking tape for painting the stripes accurately.
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    Apply ink to the foam stamp from the ink pad and make a print on the shopping bag.
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    When dry write text with a fabric marker.
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    Fix the finished and dry decoration with an iron. Place a piece of baking paper between the iron and the fabric. This guarantees that the print keeps its quality after washing.
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