Watercolour Blocks in Practise


A watercolour painting with watercolours; a technique where the colour is diluted with water, making them transparent on white paper. It's illustrated here following the techniques “wet-on-dry” and “wet-on-wet”.

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Watercolour Blocks in Practise
Watercolour Blocks in Practise

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    How to do it
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    Sketch a design on watercolour paper with a pencil, preferably with HB grade as it gives a fine line without smudging.
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    Important (if the watercolour paper is not from a pad with glued edges): Attach the paper onto the work table with masking tape, preventing the paper from bowing upwards when painting. A tip: protect the table by placing a plastic pocket underneath.
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    Wet-on-dry: dip the brush in water, then get the watercolour from the palette and paint on the watercolour paper.
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    Wet-on-wet: prior to painting, moisten the watercolour paper with water using a sponge. Dip the brush in water, take the watercolour from the palette and paint on the moist watercolour paper.
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