A T-Shirt with transfer-printed Pieces of Art


Each T-shirt is decorated with small pieces of art, drawn with a black fabric marker on transfer paper, primed with Textile Color in neon colours. The artworks are transferred onto the textiles as a collage.

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A T-Shirt with transfer-printed Pieces of Art
A T-Shirt with transfer-printed Pieces of Art

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    How to do it
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    Paint the transfer paper with Textile Color fabric paint in neon colours according to your taste. Let it dry.
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    Cut the transfer paper into identical squares – or according to taste.
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    Use a black fabric marker for drawing your chosen designs onto each of the colour primed squares using your imagination.
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    The two-piece transfer paper consist of a backing paper and a foil front. Remove the backing paper from the decorated foil. You may use a needle for separating the two layers.
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    Place the transfer paper/foil onto the textile. The design should face outwards. Place a sheet of baking paper on top of the design on the textile and iron with an iron set on medium heat.
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