A Bag for Eggs – made from Imitation Fabric


This bag, which we have used for eggs in this example, is made from imitation fabric with visible seams. The bag can equally be used for bread. The bag is decorated with tied-on pieces of natural hemp along the sides.

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A Bag for Eggs – made from Imitation Fabric
A Bag for Eggs – made from Imitation Fabric

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    How to do it
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    Cut a 75 x 25cm piece of imitation fabric. Fold the piece lengthwise and sew each side together. Remember that the finished bag must appear with visible seams.
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    Turn the sewn piece of fabric, outer side out and sew a small piece horizontally at each corner, so the bag takes shape and can stand on its own at a later stage.
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    Turn the bag inside out again. Use a screw punch and punch a series of holes in each side of the lower half of the bag. NB: on the inside of the seam.
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    Sqeeze the bag tighly in order to give the finished bag a ruffled look.
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    Fold the top of the bag three times. Tie a small piece of natural hemp in each hole along the sides.
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