A Tie-Dyed T-Shirt


Batik is an old technique for dyeing patterned fabrics, especially cotton and silk. The technique aims to mask certain areas where you do not want colour on the fabric. Patterns are made with either elastic bands, strings, pegs or by sewing tacking stitches.

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A Tie-Dyed T-Shirt
A Tie-Dyed T-Shirt

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    How to do it
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    Tie-dye pattern with elastic bands: wrap elastic bands tightly around small tufts in the fabric.
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    Tie-dye pattern with pieces of string: Tie pieces of string around small or large tufts in the fabric.
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    Tie-dye pattern with tacking stitches: sew tacking stitches on the fabric with a needle and thread.
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    Tie-dye pattern with pegs: Fold the fabric in small pleats and hold in place with pegs.
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    Tie-dye pattern with elastic bands and pegs at the same time: Wrap an elastic band around a small tuft in the fabric. Make a circle around this by making pleats, secured with pegs. This t-shirt also has pleats with pegs at the bottom and the end of the sleeves. Afterwards carefully wet the t-shirt.
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    Read the fabric dye instructions thoroughly before you begin. Pour 45°C hot water into a tub. Adjust the amount of water by the weight of the clothes and the amount of paint and fix medium required. Stir well and place the wet fabrics in the tub. Let the fabrics soak for 30 minutes, stirring frequently, so the paint spreads evenly.
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    Use disposable plastic gloves, remove pegs, string etc. and rinse the fabric until the water is clean. Then wash the fabric with washing detergent in the washing machine at 60°C.
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