Painted and Decoupaged Xmas Candle Holders


The letter-shaped candle holders form the word Xmas. They have been painted on the sides and decoupage paper is glued onto the front. Finally, a coat of lacquer is applied to the candle holders.

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Painted and Decoupaged Xmas Candle Holders
Painted and Decoupaged Xmas Candle Holders

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    How to do it
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    Paint the sides of the letters with gold Plus Color Craft paint. You may choose a different colour on each side. Let it dry.
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    Use the letter-shaped candle holder as a template and draw the shape onto a piece of decoupage paper. Cut it out.
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    Attach the cut-out piece of decoupage paper onto the letter using decoupage lacquer. Let it dry and then apply a coat of decoupage lacquer onto the finished letter.
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