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An Angel with a Skirt made from Concertina Paper


Thread a compressed cotton ball (for the face) onto a piece of paper yarn with honeycomb paper around as a skirt. Draw the facial features with red and black markers. The halo is a bead which is added at the end.

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An Angel with a Skirt made from Concertina Paper
An Angel with a Skirt made from Concertina Paper

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    How to do it
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    Print the template which is available for this idea as a separate PDF file. Cut it out.
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    Place the template on top of the honeycomb paper, making sure that the lines in the honeycomb paper and the lines on the template follow each other.
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    Using the template, cut out from the honeycomb paper.
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    Attach double-sided adhesive tape to one side.
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    Draw facial features on the compressed cotton ball. Thread it onto the doubled-over piece of paper yarn, making a loop at the top. TIP! If the paper yarn is twisted, moisten with water to flatten it.
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    Place the piece of paper yarn on the double-sided adhesive tape attached along the honeycomb paper half circle.
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    Fold the honeycomb paper around the paper yarn, making a bauble (a skirt).
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    Pull the bauble in place and cut off the excess paper yarn.
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    An example
    More facial expressions ...
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