An Angel folded from Vivi Gade Design Paper


This angel is folded from square pieces of Vivi Gade Design paper (the Skagen series).

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An Angel folded from Vivi Gade Design Paper
An Angel folded from Vivi Gade Design Paper

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    How to do it
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    To make two angels: Cut one sheet of design paper into four equal squares.
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    Body: Fold a piece of paper diagonally. Unfold and then fold each corner toward the diagonally scored line, leaving a space of approx. 1 – 1.5cm.
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    Face: At the tip at the top make two horizontal folds by eye.
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    Turn over and fold each side halfway towards the scored line in the middle.
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    Now fold the pointed tip at the bottom upwards so that the tip is pointing towards the back.
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    Wings: fold a square piece of paper diagonally. First one way, and then unfold, then the other way, diagonally. However, leave a gap of approx. 3cm between the tips.
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    Turn over and make a fold in the perpendicular tip – the tip should be approx. 3cm from the bottom.
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    Turn over again and make folds in both sides for wings as shown.
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    Attach the finished wings onto the back of the angel's body. NB: if the angel should be standing, place a stone on the bottom flap at the back. If the angel should be hanging, fold the flap underneath the wings.
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