A Cup Cosy


These easy-grip cup cosies are plain-knitted from Melbourne woolen yarn and then felted in the washing machine. They are decorated and assembled with buttons and coloured elastic cord. A great easy activity where everyone can participate.

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A Cup Cosy
A Cup Cosy

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    How to do it
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    Use No. 6 knitting needles to cast on stiches measuring 40cm in total. Use one of the contrasting colours and knit 4 rows of plain stitches. Change to black yarn and knit 28 rows of plain stitches. Finish with four rows of plain knitting in the same contrasting colour used at the beginning. Cast off and secure the ends. The finished measurement prior to felting is 28 x 13cm. Felt the knitted piece in the washing machine at 40°C. Stretch the wet felted piece to fit the cup.
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    Now sew two buttons onto one end of the felted piece.
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    At the other end use a needle to pass an approx. 10cm doubled-over piece of coloured elastic cord through the felted piece Tie the ends together in a tight knot, leaving a loop at the outer side of the felted piece.
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