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A painted Canvas House decorated with Beads


The two house facades are die-cut canvas, painted with Plus Color craft paint. A long piece of felt is sewn onto the sides of the house facades and then the house is filled with polyester stuffing. The roof is decorated with a bead spear for a spire.

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A painted Canvas House  decorated with Beads
A painted Canvas House decorated with Beads

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    How to do it
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    On the pieces of die-cut canvas draw windows and doors etc. with a pencil. Paint the windows and doors etc. with your chosen colours of Plus Color craft paint.
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    For outlining use black Plus Color craft paint in a refill bottle with a tip for a fine, thin line.
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    Sew the two house facades onto a long piece of approx. 5cm wide felt. Don't forget to leave an opening at the bottom of the house for adding the filling.
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    Fill the house with polyester wadding and close the hole.
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    Make spires by putting beads onto a hat pin which is then inserted into the roof of the house.
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