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Silk Clay Hanging Decorations


Silk Clay cut out with shape cutters and hung in a piece of elastic beading cord.

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Silk Clay Hanging Decorations
Silk Clay Hanging Decorations

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    How to do it
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    Roll out Silk Clay to an approx. ½ cm thickness.
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    Cut out the shapes with the shape cutters. (Using baking paper underneath the Silk Clay makes this process easy). Moisten the cutters with water, so they do not stick to the Silk Clay. Let the shapes dry for 24 hours.
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    When they are completely dry, thread them onto a piece of elastic beading cord using a large needle.
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    Draw faces on the pumpkins.
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    Tie the finished shapes onto a branch/stick or simply let them hang freely from a piece of elastic beading cord.
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    Make the ghosts using the same procedure.
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