Wood Icons with Glass Plates


Glass Frost paint dabbed onto small glass plates which are decorated with Glass Ceramic, Glass Metallic and A-Color Glass prints using Silicone Stamps.

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Wood Icons with Glass Plates
Wood Icons with Glass Plates

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    How to do it
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    Attach the silicone stamp to an acrylic block. Dab A-Color Glass paint onto the stamp using a foam brush.
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    Gently press the stamp onto the glass plate. Let it dry. Rinse the stamp immediately.
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    Dab Glass Frost paint on the opposite side (the reverse).
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    Press small stamps onto the background design.
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    Alternatively you may choose to press the glass plate onto the stamp on the acrylic block.
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    Place the glass plates with the mosaic tiles in each corner onto a backing tray. Fix in the oven for 30 minutes at 160°C.
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    The piece of wood supporting the glass plates, are whole pieces of wood for the large icon. For the small icons they are divided into three pieces, each measuring 10.5 x 10.5cm. Drill holes and use doubled over bonsai wire for hanging as shown. Twist the bonsai wire around a brush handle thus accommodating holes for nails.
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    Twist two of the wires and cut off the other wire ends.
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    Create a decorative piece of bonsai wire on the glass plate.
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    Attach glass mosaic tiles in each corner of the glass plate using mounting glue. Then glue onto the piece of wood. Leave until the following day to harden.
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    Glue the metal pendant onto the piece of wood with a mosaic tile in between.
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